Teaching & Clinical Supervision Faculty

Jane Ariel, PhD, is a psychotherapist in private practice, seeing individuals, couples and families. She concentrates on the interface between psychodynamic and systemic theory as well as on the impact of oppressive social practices (concerning gender, race, sexual orientation and others) on psychological realities. She also specializes in seeing families and their adult children, concentrating on issues concerning aging parents, sibling relationships, money, and grandchildren. She has been associated with WTC since 1990, supervising as well as teaching group process and multiculturalism.

Margie Cohen, LCSW, is a therapist in private practice for 32 years. She has a general practice with a specialty in working with trauma of all kinds, and a deep respect and passion for socio cultural and multigenerational trauma. She works relationally, both as a clinician and as a supervisor and consultant,  teaches “Trauma in the Transference” at WTC and supervises students in all levels of the program. She has been affiliated with the organization since her own training here in 1982.

Susan Diamond Moore, LCSW, has a private relational psychotherapy practice in Berkeley and San Francisco. She is a former faculty member at Stanford University, Department of Psychiatry, Psychosocial Treatment Laboratory where she was a senior group therapist and clinical supervisor. She recently taught the course “Presence in the Moment” at the Psychotherapy Institute which thoughtfully explored the uses of the therapist’s authentic presence and accompanying psychological vulnerabilities as essential elements in the therapeutic dyad. She is currently teaching a consultation group which is a direct outgrowth of this course. In addition, Susan has extensive clinical experience working with persons who have suffered trauma, loss, major life transitions, breast cancer, and other life-altering illnesses. She has provided training, supervision, and consultation in individual psychotherapy and supportive-expressive group therapy both locally and nationally. Susan is a graduate of the Masterson Institute Postgraduate Training Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. She is presently studying the practices of TaiChi and Buddhism.
Melissa Holub, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, practicing in Berkeley. She has been affiliated with WTC since 1989. Dr. Holub works with older adolescents, individual adults and couples using contemporary  psychoanalytic approaches.  She has special training and interest in working with non-binary gender identity and expression. She also specializes in adoption-related treatment and education in her practice, as well as training and public speaking on adoption locally and nationally. She is co-founder and director of Amaryllis, a service program training clinicians to treat and to provide free and low-fee therapeutic support to birth mothers who otherwise could not afford therapy. She is a past president of the Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology and an advanced candidate at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California. She has been supervising for over 20 years and is affiliated with many bay area training programs as clinical faculty.  For more information, please visit  www.DrMelissaHolub.com

Dvora Honigstein, MFT, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center. 

Richelle "Ricky" Jacobs, MA, LMFT, has offered a blend of both in-depth and practical psychotherapy for more than thirty years for adult individuals and couples in her clinic near the University of California, Berkeley campus.  Her style is relational, reflective and directive. Even after being in the field for so long, Ricky is still deeply engaged with and committed to her work. Each person or couple presents a new set of experiences: there isn't a cookie-cutter model. Once the work begins, collaboration is likely to remain fresh and stimulating, whether clients are with her for only a short time, or whether they decided on a longer treatment plan. For more information, visit  www.richellejacobs.com.

S.J. Kahn, MFT, is in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area providing psychotherapy primarily to the women’s/lesbian community. Areas of interest include couples therapy, sex and sexual/gender orientation, trauma/dissociation, body image/self -acceptance, and life transitions. She is also affiliated with New Leaf Services in San Francisco. She is a group process leader at WTC.

Sharon Karp-Lewis, PsyD, LCSW, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center.

Cici Kinsman, MFT, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center.

Andrea Lappen, Ph.D., has been in private practice since 1979, seeing adults, couples and adolescents. She has had extensive teaching and supervising experience at JFK University, Alliant University, and The Psychotherapy Institute. She has a primarily psychodynamic/relational orientation.

Rita Largman, PhD, has been a licensed clinical psychologist and consultant in private practice since 1977.  Rita works relationally, cognitively, philosophically, and systemically with individuals, couples, and families with adult children.  She specializes in trauma and loss, parenting, and grand-parenting issues.  She has worked and taught at Children's Hospital Medical Center, Russell House Psychotherapy Institute, John F. Kennedy University, The Wright Institute, The Psychotherapy Institute, and is a recent member of the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center.  Rita Largman can be reached at  rlargman@sbcglobal.net 

Janet Linder, PhD, LCSW, has been in private practice in San Francisco and in the East Bay since 1985. She is interested in working with people struggling with issues of childhood trauma and abuse, long-term recovery issues and relational difficulties. Currently, she is also interested in the ways women express gender—both in conventional and non-conventional ways. She is also on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center.

Shira Luft, LCSW, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center. 

Carolyn McDowell, MFT, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center. 

Pam Miller, MFT, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center. 

Ellen Morrison, LCSW, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center. 

Elena Moser, LCSW, has a private psychotherapy practice in Berkeley where she sees individuals and couples. She is interested in teaching beginning psychotherapists how to trust and make use of themselves in their clinical work. One of her current interests is non-conventional expressions of gender in girls and women, including butch-femme roles in lesbians. 

Karen Naifeh, PhD, is a Psychologist and Jungian analyst in private practice in Berkeley and San Francisco. Her particular interests are childhood trauma and the role of the body in healing.  

Wendy Ormiston, LCSW, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center. 

Taly Rutenberg, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker, with a private practice in Berkeley for over 30 years.  She has been affiliated with the Women’s Therapy Center since 1988.  Taly works with individual adults and couples using psychodynamic, cognitive and transpersonal approaches.  She specializes in creating deeply healing relationships with clients so they are able to access the roots of troubling behaviors and dynamics and begin to live with greater ease, productivity and joy. She has a general practice, serving people suffering from grief, relationship and work dissatisfaction, anxiety and depression among other concerns.  She is a certified Qigong teacher, has training in interfaith Chaplaincy and is on the supervising faculty of the Women’s Therapy Center.

Meira Salman, MFT, has a private practice in Berkeley where she works with individuals, couples, families, and adolescents. Meira blends relational, somatic and transpersonal therapy, helping people to connect deeply with themselves and to discover freedom in their experience. Meira specializes in illness, death, and grief. She earned a specialization in Grief Therapy from John F. Kennedy University and is affiliated with The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Herrick Hospital and Grief and Growing, where she is the clinical director of the children and family program. Meira also enjoys helping psychotherapy interns take their seat as a therapist. Meira is a CAMFT Certified Supervisor. She currently supervises at The Women's Therapy Center and The East Bay Agency For Children.

Rainbow Schwartz, MFT, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center. 

Linda J. Shapiro, MFT,
 has been in private practice since 1977. She works with adult individuals and couples from a relational perspective and serves as a consultant to beginning therapists. Her interests include life transitions, childhood sexual abuse, gender and issues of difference. She teaches and supervises at WTC and serves as the Membership Committee Chair. She is also on the faculty of the Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley.
Lili Shidlovski, LMFT, works with a wide variety of people who struggle with the difficulties of modern day career stress, life transitions, relationship problems, parenting issues, issues of immigration or migration, anxiety, and depression. Her clinical background includes relational psychodynamic and family systems theory, as well as a feminist and social justice perspective. She has been on the WTC Faculty since 2004.

Eva Smith, MFT
, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center.

Deena Solwren , LCSW, has a private psychotherapy practice with offices in Pinole and Rockridge. She specializes in “All Things Maternal” working with mothers and others, adult women and couples, addressing issues associated with infertility, pregnancy, post-partum, and parenting. She is a graduate of The Women’s Therapy Center and currently supervises at WTC, The Pacific Center, and The Wright Institute. For more information, visit  www.deenasolwren.com.

Taryn Thomas, MFT, has a private practice in the Berkeley/Albany area where she works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Therapeutic issues most often addressed in her work include emotional and physical neglect, physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse, sexual identity, acts of self-harm, and differentiation. She teaches and supervises at WTC and serves as the Education Committee Co-Chair. For more information, visit  www.tarynthomastherapy.com.

Catherine Valdez, MFT, has a private practice in Oakland where she provides therapy for individual adults and couples. Her approach is based in psychodynamic theory applied in an interpersonal approach. She supervises at the Women's Therapy Center, the Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, and Horizon Services in Hayward. Catherine's area of expertise is in working with relationships of all kinds. She has been in practice for over 20 years.

Whitney van Nouhuys, PhD, MFT, is in private practice in Menlo Park and Berkeley. She supervises at WTC and at The Psychotherapy Institute. She is Associate Dean and on the core faculty of The Sanville Institute (formerly California Institute for Clinical Social Work). She works with individuals and couples, and especially enjoys working with parents. Self-psychology and family systems are the theories that most influence her work.

Raquel Wells, LCSW, is on the faculty at the Women's Therapy Center. 

Joanna Wise Bradman, LCSW, has a private psychotherapy practice in Albany. She works with adults, adolescents, and adult families providing psychoanalytic psychotherapy and has been licensed since 1996. She provides consultation to licensed and license eligible psychotherapists, and a variety of mental health practitioners. She also teaches and provides trainings.

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