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Clinical Director
The Women’s Therapy Center (WTC) is looking for a Clinical Director (CD) who is skilled at sustaining our mission to provide relational psychotherapy and integrate a social justice perspective into all aspects of our organization. WTC is both a training program and a clinic providing psychotherapy services. The CD is at the center of WTC, serving as clinical leader, mentor, and visionary for the training programs and the clinic.
The CD holds continuity of commitment to the relational process throughout the organization and oversees all clinical supervision and teaching provided by the volunteer faculty, working with the faculty to admit and train students, develop curriculum and clinical policy. The CD works in partnership with the Executive Director towards realizing the mission of the agency.
WTC is committed to excellent training in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy and to sustaining an environment that continually examines social location and the cultural forces that shape all aspects of life experiences. Our particular clinical focus is on the intersubjective space between therapist and client, holding themes of non-hierarchy, a radical understanding of transference and Countertransference and the cornerstone of addressing power, privilege and their impact on the therapeutic encounter.  
WTC holds a standard of continuity of care for clients through developing and sustaining their therapeutic relationships during and beyond our program.  Through a feminist lens, the CD models a relational stance as the primary training leader for staff therapists, and has a leadership role in creating effective communication across power and role differentials as well as engaging with and framing conflicts. This means fostering intersectional dialogue throughout the clinical process and addressing micro and macro aggressions interpersonally, intra-psychically and organizationally.
Position Hours: Part-Time: 24-30 hours (Must be Available from 9 – 2 on Wednesdays and Mondays 9 – 12). Minimal weekend and evening availability and accessibility as needed.
Specific Job Responsibilities
1. CLINICAL OVERSIGHT- 50% of the position
  • Oversee the training program, including relationships with supervisors and with the student cohorts as groups
  • Oversee the development of each individual student in collaboration with supervisors
  • Review, revise and maintain clinical policies and procedures
  • Provide training for and staffing of the psychotherapy request lines (phone intakes) including triage for crisis calls
  • Monitor assignment of cases
  • Monitor record keeping and provide effective support to interns having difficulty with paperwork and case records
  • Provide or arrange for emergency back-up supervision
2.  TRAINING - 25% of the position
  • Plan and implement the curricula for both the Two-Year Training and ATP programs
  • Plan and implement the clinical support for the Bridge programs
  • Oversee and participate in the annual team evaluation process for staff therapists
  • Review, revise and maintain policies and procedures concerning supervisor recruitment, selection, and evaluation
  • Develop policies and procedures concerning instructor/teacher recruitment, selection, and evaluation
  • Work with approx. 45 volunteer faculty and supervisors to coordinate courses, weekly supervision, and trainee evaluations
  • Oversee clinic’s committees, including: curriculum development, membership, education, public relations outreach and diversity.
3.   RECRUITMENT - 15% of the position
  • Liaison with graduate schools and maintain current information about graduate school requirements
  • Liaison and complete contracts with field placement offices
  • Recruit volunteer faculty and teachers
  • Develop policies and procedures concerning staff therapists’ recruitment, selection, and evaluation.
4.  ADMINISTRATION & OUTREACH - 10% of the position
  • Plan and facilitate clinical staff meetings
  • Plan and facilitate faculty meetings
  • Monitor clinical and administrative records
  • Collaborate with ED to provide direction for outreach strategies designed to promote WTC in local community and generate client referrals
  • Coordinate systems to monitor and update referral system (e.g. mental health agencies, private practitioners)
  • Maintain list of priority referrals and monitor interns’ use of referral sources

  • A minimum of 5 years of supervisory experience as a licensed mental health professional
  • Experience as a director or coordinator of a mental health clinic or experience managing an intern training program
  • Graduate degree in counseling, psychology, social work
  • Licensed in the State of California as an LCSW, MFT or Clinical Psychologist
  • Ability to demonstrate in depth knowledge of relational psychodynamic theory and practice
  • A minimum of 7 years of experience practicing long term psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Group process skills
  • Background and experience navigating issues of social justice/equity and power, and understanding how those issues operate and intersect with organizational, interpersonal and clinical relationships
  • Good administrative and planning skills
  • Experience and comfort assessing and managing complicated clinical situations and occasional clinical crises
  • Experience recruiting and working with professional volunteer teaching pool
  • Experience teaching or presenting clinical material
  • Experience managing and supervising clinical supervisors
  • Curriculum development experience
  • Bilingual -- Spanish speaking
Compensation/Benefits: Rate of Pay: May be negotiable according to experience and budget. This is a part time position. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, two weeks of vacation annually, holiday schedule, and some flexibility of schedule outside of required work times.
To Apply: Please send an email to that includes your resume, a cover letter listing why you would be a strong candidate,  a list of three references and a brief answer to the questions below.   Please be sure to include all requested items.

  1. What is your experience with relational psychotherapy?
  2. What is your experience with long term psychodynamic psychotherapy?
  3. In a few paragraphs, say something about your clinical theoretical orientation.
  4. What is your approach to multicultural and equity issues in training and in work settings?
  5. How do you integrate intersectional issues and dynamics into your clinical work?
  6. What is your approach to supervising beginning psychotherapists?
  7. What is your experience with coordinating and supporting volunteer supervisors and faculty?

Equal Employment Opportunity: The Women’s Therapy Center is an equal opportunity employer.  
Applicants with Disabilities: Reasonable accommodation will be made so that qualified disabled applicants may participate in the application process. Please advise in writing of special needs at the time of application.

Please do not call, but do review our website at

Background on the Women’s Therapy Center:

Overview: WTC was founded in 1978 by two experienced psychotherapists who wanted to offer training to beginning therapists in a supportive environment where women were being trained by women. Their therapeutic orientation emphasized the clinical relationship and the impact of socio-cultural factors on behavior and psychological functioning, and their approach was based, essentially, on a feminist view of psychodynamic psychotherapy. Today, WTC has evolved to include a non-gender binary view of the theory and practice of psychodynamic, relational psychotherapy.
WTC presently has several programs:
Two-Year Training Program - unpaid interns
The Two-Year Training Program is comprised of sixteen staff therapists, eight in the first year and eight in the second year. Therapists in the two-year program might still be in graduate school or registered as postgraduate interns.

Advanced Training Program (ATP) - paid interns
The ATP program has eight staff therapists who have already had experience providing psychotherapy. They are generally registered as either LCSW or MFT interns, pre- or post-doctoral psychology students, or are licensed. The training focus in the ATP program is on work with couples and adolescents.

Bridge Program - paid interns
The Bridge program has four to six staff therapists who have successfully completed a WTC program. They are generally advanced clinicians who are either licensed or in the testing cycle. The training focus in the Bridge program is on “bridging” to private practice or next phase of the work.
Staff therapists provide psychotherapy in WTC’s sliding scale clinic, which serves women, transgender people, adolescents, and couples.  WTC has an excellent reputation in the community and a steady stream of referrals.  It is primarily a volunteer organization with three paid administrative staff, twenty-eight therapists in training and over forty volunteer faculty members.

Clinical Director 
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