Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender


Therapy for adolescent girls, Trans* and gender-nonconforming individuals, ages 14 and older.

Our program may be especially beneficial for those teenagers in supportive environments who are struggling with developmental challenges.​

What is Psychotherapy for Adolescents?

Psychotherapy refers to a variety of techniques and methods used to help adolescents who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions or behavior. Here at WTC we utilize a relational approach that each relies on communication and the relationship between the client and therapist as the basic tool for bringing about change in a person's feelings and behaviors. Psychotherapy for adolescents may involve an individual adolescent, a family, or multiple families. 

As part of the initial assessment, a qualified mental health professional  will determine the need for psychotherapy. This decision will be based on such things as the child's current problems, history, level of development, ability to cooperate with treatment, what are those elements most likely to help with the presenting concerns.

The relationship that develops between the therapist and the patient is very important. The adolescent must feel comfortable, safe, and understood. This type of trusting environment makes it much easier for the child to express his/her thoughts and feelings and to use the therapy in a helpful way.

Psychotherapy helps adolescents in a variety of ways. They receive emotional support, resolve conflicts with people, understand feelings and problems, and try out new solutions to old problems. Goals for therapy may be specific (change in behavior, improved relations with friends or family), or more general (less anxiety, better self-esteem). The length of psychotherapy depends on the complexity and severity of problems.
Adolescents can receive support and assistance with: 

Recovery from abuse and trauma
Peer pressure
​Family Conflict
Body Image Issues
Eatting Disorders
School issues
and more....

If you are interested in adolescent therapy, please call: 

(510) 524-8288 ext 2.

Fees are on a sliding scale, based on income and resources, allowing for flexibility and affordability.

The scale ranges from $40-$150 for individuals and $40-$180 for couples. 
Our therapists are advanced or post-graduate students working toward licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, or Psychologist.

They are supervised by an outstanding faculty of senior clinicians.
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General therapy appointments are on Weekdays from 9 AM to 9 PM 
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